RBT has three levels of training, each level requiring about 12 hours of coursework. After completing each level, the student will receive an emailed certificate. After completing all 3 levels, successful students will receive RBT Practitioner Ceritification. Students are advised to purchase the book Right Brain Therapy: Theory & Practice.

Part 1 covers the definition of RBT, its foundational framework and theoretical assumptions. The origin of the use of color and brain pictures in the therapeutic process is also discussed. The functions of the brain, colors, pictures and random words are also covered in their relation to their usage in the RBT therapeutic process. At the end of part 1, the student should be able to use RBT in support of their existing therapeutic practice.

Hi, I’m Jerry Mungadze

I hold a PhD in counselor education from the University of North Texas (Denton) and have been engaged in clinical practice since 1989. I have presented professional papers in international conferences on the topics of trauma and dissociation and am a certified expert in PTSD. I authored and directed trauma and dissociative disorders programs in local hospitals for many years and conduct workshops for clinicians throughout the world.

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